Corey Duffel and Rowland S. Howard

Creating a tribute board to honor Rowland S. Howard's legacy became a mission of Corey Duffel to make happen. Witnessing this idea grow into it's finished product has been an exciting ride for us and we're proud to announce Corey Duffel's limited edition tribute skateboard deck to legendary musician, Rowland S. Howard, is now available.

Check out the Duffel X Rowland X Foundation microsite created specially for this limited release:

A note from Duffel:
The dissonant swell of his guitar: an auditory allusion to my intrepid youth. What it feels like to get your hear broken, to lose everything--all the while, isolated from a world that you struggle to grasp. Though Rowland, the crown prince of the crying jag, is no longer with us today, his music continues to galvanize any person lucky enough to listen to it. I aspire for this board to inspire a new generation of people to enjoy and to appreciate the art this man has created. These songs continually inspire me to skateboards, as I mutter lyrics like a mantra. Out of the black, and into the either.

Thank you Harry Howard and Genevieve McGuckin.

In Memory Of Rowland Stuart Howard.

-Corey Duffel 

Video/Edit by Matt Bublitz