New Snapper Part

Snapper Holland recently put together a video with his friend Sam Hobley over in Canada so we thought it would be good chance to have a quick catch up…via the innernets.

Whats been happening man?

Hey buddy , just the same old stuff , I've been living and working in Banff, Alberta, Canada for the past year or so.  Working at a ski resort and trying to put up with -30 weather and learning how to snowboard. 

With working, the snow and moving around how did you manage to film another part?

Yeah it was really hard as me and my buddy Sam Hobley moved to Vancouver for the summer.  The first 2 months we were trying to settle in, find jobs a house and skate.  It was only the last 4 months that we tried to film a video. We had a lot of mishaps, me hitting my head and not being able to skate for a few months, working way to much and the rain!!  Sometimes we wouldn't skate for 2 weeks because it rained everyday.  Pretty frustrating.  But I'm stoked that we have something to show even though it wasn't the best.

The spots look pretty rough

Yeah the spots are so rough because of the rain, there is not one smooth marble spot there.  So getting tricks was hard.  Made me appreciate Melbourne and what it has to offer.

When you coming home?

Don't know when I'm coming home, but I really want to film a part for Gooch 4 and I would be bummed if i didn't. Maybe after my visa runs out in October. After that i'll probably go to Europe and live there for a bit.  I don't want to go back to a normal life, the road is just to good.

Whats the local scene like there?

Vancouver scene is really big and there is a lot of skaters, filmers and skate shops.  But it has the most pretentious scene I've ever experienced.  We didn't really make any friends really and thats why there is only 2 parts in the video.  People really care about what they look and dress like, it's so wack.
I saw a guy with a cut off t-shirt, so it looked like a girls crop top, jeans up to his belly button and ankle freezers pretty close to his knee doing no complys like it was going out of fashion. 
Banff's skate scene is supper rad though, everyone is so chilled and friendly and it has the best mini ramp I've ever skated  with the most beautifulest scenery . 

Whats ya plans for the rest of 2015?

Plans for 2015 are to live in Banff for the summer and do some hiking and enjoy nature.  Just google The Rocky Mountains and you'll understand why.  It's just too relaxing here and I'm happy.  Other than that skate, try film a part for Gooch, drink beers and just hang out. 

Cheers mate. Speak soon.

No problem , any time pal!

You can watch the rest of the video here